My Boyfriend Hates Me

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So what should you do if you have asked yourself whether or not my boyfriend hates me? Well, the beauty of having a boyfriend and not a husband is the fact that, no matter how you feel, you aren’t really that committed. You need to first look out for your own happiness and then decide whether or not this relationship is still worth pursuing, especially with a guy that acts like he hates you.

If you think he really does hate you, I strongly suggest you consider ending the relationship. I know it hurts to even think about that. But you’ll be much better off in the long run. You don’t deserve a guy that doesn’t put the same amount of effort into your relationship as you do. When you find the right guy you’ll know how terribly wrong it is to be afraid of the fact that the man you love might hate you.

But, if you still love your partner and are willing to work on your relationship, read these four pointers on how to fix a relationship.  They should help give you a better perspective on what you can do to reignite your boyfriends love for you.

Sit Down and Talk to Him

This might seem simple, but you just can’t beat plain old open communication. Trust me, I’m married. There is no better way to fix a problem than just sitting down with your partner and talking to them about what’s on your mind. Don’t yell, scream or argue. Fighting is easy; it’s a sign of mature relationship when you can talk calmly. Just tell them what’s on your mind and see what they say. Hopefully, if you still mean something to him, he will take in everything you have to say and attempt to stay calm and have a real discussion with you.

Tell Him What he Does

Are there specific reasons why you think he hates you? Well, now is your chance to tell him what he does to make you feel as though he hates you. Don’t hold anything back. You want to put everything on the table and make sure nothing is left unsaid.  But, make sure you don’t blame him for everything. Acknowledge that you are at fault too and ask him what you do to make him angry. A relationship is a two way street, you both need to make an effort and meet in the middle.

Set A Timeline

You can’t continue to feel this way forever. Since he’s just a boyfriend, you still have the option of moving on if he doesn’t make an effort to change and make you happy again. Set a mental timeline for how long you want to give him to change his ways. This is something you need to stick to. You can’t just keep waiting around for him to change.

Make an Effort Yourself

Don’t leave everything up to him. Show him why he fell in love with you and should stop acting like he hates you. Surprise him with his favorite meal, write love notes and call him at random times to just chat. Couples sometimes forget all the lengths they went to during the early days of their relationship to show that they were attracted and interested in each other. As you start dating, it gets easier to slide into a routine and take each other for granted. So,  make time each day to show him that he is loved.

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